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University of Zagreb is the oldest educational institution in Croatia, with its history dating back to1669. University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine (UZSM), founded in 1917 has a long tradition in education of medical doctors, as well as in research and clinical practice. It is recognized internationally as an excellent training and research institution.

The concept of internationalisation of medical education has been deeply rooted in the University. The founders of UZSM came from different European centres of academic excellence and transferred their expertise to the newly fledged institution. Since that time, the UZSM has tried to preserve and maintain this continuity in transferring the latest trends in medical education and teaching by adding to it the specific creative component of its faculty. It has thus achieved its present integration into the international community of medical schools.

In its determination to raise the standards of medical education and introduce a new culture of teaching, UZSM decided to join the growing number of medical schools in Central and Eastern Europe which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English by establishing its own English program. Today, the Zagreb medical school is a source of great pride for the university and has a strict admission procedure. Only about 25% of applicants are admitted. The University offers an integrated graduate and undergraduate program in English to earn 360 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and the professional title of Doctor of Medicine.

Clinical rotations are performed in the final year of study where students can work in health institutions and hospitals in the Republic of Croatia, or work abroad. A Croatian language course is offered to those students who wish to continue practice in Croatia.

Zagreb at a Glance:

1. Variety of accommodations available from dorms to apartments. Expect to pay from 230 EUR for a room to 700 EUR for an apartment. Utilities are normally included in the rent

2. Upper and Lower Towns offer a variety of entertainment, shopping and cuisine.

3. 14 large shopping centres and a myriad of small shops make Zagreb a shopper's paradise.

4. An abundance of tourist attractions that focus on Zagreb's history and varied culture.

5. Transport around the city is cheap. One monthly ticket costs around 11 EUR for all buses and trams.

6. Health insurance is a prerequisite for being granted temporary residency.

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