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At Transocean, we deal with all levels of education.

At the first level, we have online classes for all subjects till class 12. Here we have also added talent enhancement courses, language classes as well as exclusive specialist courses for competition exams.

At the next level, we help those bright students, who despite scoring well in NEET, could not get admissions into the very few seats in Government medical colleges. We guide these future doctors to get admissions into some top-rated Medical Universities around the world. Presently, we have tie-ups with highly reputed European Medical universities that are leaders in medical education. These universities grant internationally accepted medical degrees, teach in English, and still cost much less than most of the Indian private universities.

For medical graduates, we have a very attractive educational package for USMLE preparation. Presently, the only established player in this field charges almost $10,000 for its full package. We have an exclusive tie-up for India with Medical Doctors International Academy, whose training package for USMLE is much more comprehensive and costs just $4000 for the full package. This training module has been prepared by top doctors and health professionals of the USA and Europe and has been certified by Palacky University of Medicine (Czech Republic).




We have a panel of outstanding and experienced teachers for every subject till class 12. All our classes are online, live with very limited seats to ensure fully interactive session for our students.


We help you find the best universities that would suit your profile based on your academic, financial, and personal profile. We do not charge for this guidance and do not limit your choice only to the universities represented by us.


We provide free guidance in the selection of the most suitable type of accommodation, based on your profile, needs, and budget and also guide you with all related formalities.


Most universities have various scholarship schemes to attract the best talent. We monitor such scholarships and keeping assessment of your abilities, we guide our students accordingly.


Our capable team guides you through all the formalities associated with the Visa process to ensure the highest instance of success. You have to pay only if you need our services beyond guidance also.


We host sessions for pre-departure briefing, which include details following:


  1. List of documents one must carry.

  2. How to comfortably pass through all the Indian and foreign checks and interviews till one reaches the destination.

  3. List of important personal items.

  4. Steps to take in the first few days abroad to settle smoothly.




We have a panel of outstanding and experienced teachers for every subject till class 12. All our classes are online, live with very limited seats to ensure fully interactive session for our students.


We provide you with our own professional recommendations, which showcase your capabilities and strengths as well as the reason for your suitability for a particular university seat. Universities consider these professional assessments seriously while finalizing grant of admission.


We have all facilities for coaching in any subject or exam that the students might need for achieving their goal of admission in a world-class university.


We help our candidates in arranging student loans, insurance, credit cards, foreign exchange etc. We have tie-ups with major banks and financial institutes for all such services. The charges are limited to only what is charged by these relevant service providers.


Transocean education provides all advice free of cost. However, some of the additional services, as listed below, and if requested specifically, are charged. No cost is charged to you without your consent.

a. Application fees to the University.
b. Application processing (Notary charges, courier charges, etc.) for every university.
c. Document translation to EU Language, if any.
d. Attestation & recognition of documents with the respective embassies in India.
e. Accommodation arrangements & confirmation in a foreign country.
f. Airport picks up & transportation arrangements.
g. Visa fees (if any).
h. Visa processing charge and any additional services.
i. Arrangement for submission of Visa application at Delhi by our office.
j. Collection of passport from Embassies and delivering to students (with due authorization only).
k. Post landing support in a foreign country (If any).


The Transoceaneducation, as your Consultant, is responsible only for coordination, support, and guidance with regards to the admission procedure of the student to the foreign university. It must be noted that the grant or refusal of admission is at the sole discretion of the University and this Consultant is neither involved in the process nor is liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any delay in the processing of the application by the university, which reserves the right to ask for further documentation and to refuse admission. Transoceaneducation declares that a student can avail its advisory services for admission support to foreign universities, without any additional emoluments. Any communication suggesting such payment is contrary to our policy. In case you encounter any such situations on the company name, you are advised to make sure it is genuine before responding or contact our office as per the given contact details. We shall not accept any liability towards any such payments collected. The applicant hereby accepts and confirms that the applicant and/or his/her representative, prior to submitting his/her consent with the consultant, has read, understood, and agreed to be bound by, all of the terms, conditions, and details provided herein. The information and guidance are intended to contribute to a better understanding of our services as an educational consultant. As this guidance reflects the state of the art at the time of its drafting, it should be regarded as a 'living tool' open for improvement and its content may be subject to modifications without notice.

For any grievances/suggestions:
mail us at
Tel: +91 4609 4508.


In the case of Visa's refusal, the students are advised to send the refund request to the concerned university directly from their email ID and also forward a copy to our office. Our office will assist the student in getting a refund of the tuition fees. However, all such refunds are based on the norms and conditions of the subject university. Please read the refund policy of your chosen university carefully.


We welcome you to become part of our family.


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