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Palacky University of Medicine is located in Olomouc city of Czech Republic. Olomouc is a small student-oriented city of about 100,000 inhabitants, located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. It has a rich legacy with historical monuments and architectural structures scattered throughout the countryside.

The Faculty of General Medicine and Dentistry has international recognition and a large number of its graduates are practicing in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Scandinavian countries. The teaching facilities are located on the same campus as the University Hospital. The faculty in its present form, was established in 1947.

Admission Requirements:
Complete secondary school education (a high-school diploma)

Entrance Exam: Written & Oral exam in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physiology & Physics

Tuition Fees:
Entrance Examination fee: 26€
General Medicine: €10,500 per year
Dentistry: €11,800 per year

Living Expenses:
Approximately €500 per month (The university provides accommodations for €100 per month).

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