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Founded in 1920, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU, Lietuvos Sveikatos Mokslų Universitetas) is the largest institution of higher education for biomedical sciences in Lithuania, successfully integrating studies, research and clinical practice. Medical teaching and research are mainly based on cooperation with the largest health care institution in the Baltic States – the Hospital of LSMU “Kauno klinikos” (Kaunas Clinic).

A number of health related programmes (Pharmacy, Food Sciences, Public Health, Nursing, etc) are offered to students here. You will get an opportunity to widen and deepen your knowledge in a number of disciplines in modern and innovative environment and to become highly qualified specialists in a fast-changing world of practicing health sciences. We trust our students enjoy many advantages in this pleasant and beautiful atmosphere of our University and historical Kaunas city.

A large number of our programmes are taught in English and we accept international students. LSMU is continuously increasing the number of degrees offered in English, with a target to reach 50 percent of the total number. LSMU holds more than 7,000 students including students from over 50 different countries.

Application procedure:
Take the entrance examination prepared by LSMU during the application period, i.e., from 1 October till 15 July. The entrance examination consists of multiple-choice tests (MCQ) in Biology (30 questions) and Chemistry (30 questions) based on the high school curriculum and is in English. The results of the test are announced on same day. If necessary, English language test will be held after the Biology/Chemistry test.

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