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Humanitas attracts young people from Italy and from all over the world and offers the opportunity to engage in a unique kind of education. It is an international hub for training of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and researchers, capable of dealing with future scientific, technological and social changes. The close integration between the Hospital, the Research Laboratories and the University creates optimal conditions for healthcare professionals, to gain experience by working closely with patients and at the same time acquire the methodology and rigour that scientific research requires. Students have the chance to learn from university professors, visiting professors (including 3 Nobel prize winners) and researchers with proven international experience.

1. It is the largest independent international Medical School in Italy, built within Humanitas Research Hospital, which is renowned across Europe for its excellent standard of healthcare and advanced research.

2. The new Humanitas University Campus is host to 1200 students from 31 countries worldwide. It includes latest generation Simulation Center, student accommodations, high-tech laboratories, classrooms, an international canteen and sport facilities.

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